2019年06月 9日
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In mid-May, I attended the conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations.
One line in President Xi's opening remark goes: Diversity spurs interaction among civilizations, which in turn promotes mutural learning and their further development.
The first thing popping in my mind is my pot kiln.
See, interaction and mutual learning among cultures are manifested in all aspects of life already.
In this lovely summer, I grinded the newly-harvested wheat into flour,
And brewed maimai wine, a traditional Chinese nourishment for women after childbirth.
So did I brew some beer, a drink from Western culture!

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  • 家酿版!以前都是大麦小麦一起酿,第一次尝试全部用小麦芽!啤酒花也用的是咱们国家新疆自产的!这次酿的酒精度比较淡,下次试一下把麦芽颜色烘深一点。出来的酒色应该也会更好看。

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    • wô de xin zai n â yi bianzu ô biân 💖💖💖🚻😇

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    • n i deli an shang y ou do ng xi y o u shem me? yo u de a npiao ling 💖💖💖🙇🙇🚻🚻

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    • I can't understand 😭😭😭 but I love you from my bottom of my heart❤❤❤

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  • What I hate about the Chinese kitchen is that they cook poor animals alive. It's fucking inhuman

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  • Best video in youtube

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  • The last few minutes of thevideo is heart melting.. Inviting your cameraman to drink beer with you and your Grandma putting blanket on you while you're sleeping☺️☺️☺️😍

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  • Cruel with crayfish. Boiling alive is like burning alive or skinning. Why not kill them before?!

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  • Okay I just need to know...as I was watching this video, I heard a goat and it got me ABSOLUTELY historically laughing so hard uncontrollably, but I haven’t seen a goat in any of your videos...so I wanted to know, do you have a goat?

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  • We also make wheat beer😍😍from Nepal🇳🇵

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  • I remember making wine in our mixology class. We used different fruits, it was funny because the other group's container exploded after they transferred their wine to their huge container 😂😂😂 thank goodness I was able to hide before the explosion. I could've been covered in red because they used watermelon 😂😂😂

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  • cnfrom.info/ex/uoBoenuMp6SadqA/sh-p-n.html

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  • This is another incredibly good, brilliant, beautiful, and INSPIRING video from Ms. Liziqi (who is also beautiful, hardworking, and brilliant.). We over here in Los Angeles, love your videos so much. The videos are also very therapeutic, soothing, and relaxing. Thank you so much for sharing all your videos, and for all your hard work. 👍🙏❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤❤💕

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  • cameramen: can missed for the others delicacies, but not for the beer..

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  • احبج لأن بسيطه ومتواضعه

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  • 4:13 Malt 6:10 lupus? 7:40 specific yeast?

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  • 9.3 k dislikes, the majority are the salty SKoreans.

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    • Beer is Korean's drink!

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  • 你一點都沒有慈悲,怎麼能炒活著的生命。不覺得它們也會痛苦嗎?其實我喜歡你的智慧和堅持,但是看潮活著的蟲我真的沒有辦法接受。如果妳有慈悲的話多多關心它們的痛苦好嗎?

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  • Storing your capped second ferment batch of beer in your bed-room, or anyplace you want to stay dry, clean, and scent free, is the mark of someone who takes giant risks for their art. Cheers, Ziqi!

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