(羊羔毛斗篷)Weave a lamb wool cape for the freezing winter|Liziqi Channel

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Liziqi Channel-- Cloack with Fluffy and Soft Lambswool
Days ago, I traded my remaining silk pockets for some lamb wool.
Spinning and coloring it, I wove a cape.
I simplified the braiding and sewing techniques,
for my fair ladies with little patience.
Now you’ve got the magic
to weave clothes, blankets, and scarves, in a blink.
몇일 전에 집의 남긴 잠사 코튼포켓으로 동향인 집의 램스울을 바꿨습니다~
실잣기와 염색을 하고 망토를 만들었습니다.
번거롭기 싫고 참을성이 없는 속녀들에게 만든 방법을 개선했습니다.
옷이나 담요나 목도리는
다 이 간단한 방법으로 빨리 만들 수 있습니다!
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  • You are just like a craftsman, one minute and you can make anything 😀😀

    Reispa NarzariReispa Narzari3 小时 前
  • Talk about the 'virtuous woman,' of the Bible. She fears not the winter, for her children are dressed in crimson!

    Truth LuckybeanTruth Luckybean7 小时 前
  • I love the dye results.

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  • Heaven is here !

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  • В Предгорьях ДИВНЫХ Гималаев, Неповторимая такая, Волшебница живет по имени Весна... Прекраснолика и ясна... Друзья ее - то Радость Вдохновенья, Веселый ветер, Гор Могучих пенье! Там Дом ее, и Сад - То рук ее творенье! Очаг теплом любви богат! Его любой увидеть рад! Там птичий хор, Природы Дивное Цветенье! И каждое ЕЕ движенье Есть ТРУД и КРАСОТА! И, кажется - Гармонией наполнено мгновенье. Ты- ЧУДО Светлое, ЦВЕТОК мой ЛИЗИКИ !!..

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  • She is an natural princess and a very hardworking. We Have all facilities like we don't create our own sweater and she with whatever she got is happy and satisfied and its true that how she admire her work and always keep working with full energy

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  • my next project I will build a car from wood and rock, I will model it after like the flinstones and maybe some bigger shoes for the braking system.

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  • At 3:32, the berries which were plucked by Lizique , are known as poi in our region, it's leaf is often used as vegetable

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  • That’s a beautiful garment. So wonderful to see it’s creation.

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  • I watched a few of your videos and I can totally understand why so many like you. Keep up your good work, your videos are definitely inspiring to others. We take things for granted everyday and you just craft everything from scratch. Hope you can continue to inspire people to love nature and be self sufficient. And congratulations to your Guinness World Record, you deserve it!

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  • The cinematography and landscapes here are breathtaking. I love how clearly you show the process of making this wonderful cape. It is beautiful. This is the first video of yours I have seen, so I hope to enjoy exploring your other work :) Peace and Joy :)

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  • Is that blueberries that she used to color the 🧵 thread 🧵?

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