Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day with Qiaosu(原来这才是七夕节的正确打开方式:入口即化的“巧酥”)

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Chinese Valentine’s day is called “Qiqiao Festival”, people would have Qiaoguo in ancient time and listen the fairy tale of Niulang and Zhinv.
In the evening, ladies would prey to Zhinv for ingenuity, which is called “Qiqiao”.
Last year I made Qiaoshi, so this year I would teach you guys how to make Qiaosu, which is also the traditional food for Chinese Valentine’s day.
The outside part of the cake melts in your mouth easily, the inner part with purple potato is sweet and chewy. It’s not just a beautiful looking cake.


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  • English translations: 0:02 七夕 Qixi festival (Qixi, qi=seven, xi=night, meaning the 7th night of 7th month in Lunar calendar) 0:06 Qixi festival (autumn festival) - is also known as “begging for skills" festival. In this night, ancient people would usually eat ”Qiao food“, and eavesdrop on the whisper from the milky way. 0:18 Offer 5 nuts to pray to the lunar goddess (月神). 0:24 And the girls would make a wish under the milky way, praying to the Goddess of Weaver (织女) to beg for an intelligent heart and good handicraft skills. 0:27 Therefore, it is known as Qiqiao (乞巧,乞=beg,巧=skills/skillful). 1:00 It is believed that Qixi is cow's birthday, and the shepherd will make a crown and wear it on the cow's horns. 1:06 (cow): I still want my dignity. (Followed by cooking recipes and ingredients)

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