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  • Magnifique 👏👏👏👏👏👏

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  • 유튜브를 일반인은 볼 수 없는데 어떻게 이렇게 방송이 가능하단 말이가!! 공산당이 하는 방송인 게지~~@@

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  • wtf she literally so good at everything

    buna shotarobuna shotaro5 小时 前
  • The last scene was probably the funniest part 🤣🤣🤣

    Huki KinimiHuki Kinimi5 小时 前
  • Con este video la conoci✨✨

    Carmen JmCarmen Jm7 小时 前
  • 衣服感覺太做假吧了! 我是服裝設計師 葡萄皮需要很大量 而且要很久日子都未必做到 在沒有完整的視頻 感覺怪怪! 但值得一讚是拍攝手法一流。

    ๓๓Yεn ლei๓๓๓๓Yεn ლei๓๓7 小时 前
  • Hi,im from Philippines, Ur so talented ☺️!!! Im ur fan on philiphines......

    Nej MeliboNej Melibo13 小时 前
  • The camera man need to get Oscar..

    Emon SikderEmon Sikder14 小时 前
  • Just whatching how she tried to improve her editing and filming in just 3 years makes me go wow

    K. Al9affarK. Al9affar16 小时 前
  • Liziqi is so talented she is a 1. Cook 2. Artist 3. Fashion designer 4. Farmer Etc.....

    rain_BANGTAN_PINKrain_BANGTAN_PINK20 小时 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Amazing from Philippines

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  • Bagus

    Was PodoWas Podo天 前
  • So Liziqi you want to get a Blood prank with us

    Jose RomanoJose Romano天 前
  • Liziqi Vlogs

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  • So let me Channel to Grace's world

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  • Sasha was meeting with you Liziqi

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  • Liziqi Diana and Roma is coming soon

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  • Dame tu cosita

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  • Liziqi is Ewwwwwwwe

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  • I thought she really used the grape skin to make a cloth and then to a dress😂

    Thea SanchezThea Sanchez2 天 前
  • Literally CNfrom recommend me after 3 years❤️❤️

    Gautam SharmaGautam Sharma2 天 前
  • Wooow i love your video soo.much ♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰💖💖💝💝💝

    Jabin Akter MimJabin Akter Mim2 天 前
  • Liziqi what are you making making a purple dress

    Jose RomanoJose Romano2 天 前
  • Ewwwwwww

    Jose RomanoJose Romano2 天 前
  • She is my favourite youtuber 😇💯♥

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  • She can do everything .watch from srilanka 🇱🇰 💐🥀

    ShanShan2 天 前
  • So nobody gon talk bout how many time she changes the camera angle 😭

    jamiejamie2 天 前
  • 0:30 : first time I see someone displaying the yellow fruit Loquat as flower - very interesting.

    Mister HillMister Hill2 天 前
  • Loved this video....the landscape is so pretty ❤️ however it doesn't seem like the fabric was actually dyed w grape skins...sort of looks like when the white fabric was soaking another lavender fabric replaced it 😊 But lovely anyway....the camerawork, editing and rustic elements wants to make me visit china 🇨🇳

    angeliqueinhollywoodangeliqueinhollywood2 天 前
  • Any Malayalis here

    Gouri's WorldGouri's World2 天 前
  • She is really a talented soul I just love her how... can someone be good at all these?!?

    vampievampie2 天 前
  • 片尾那只牛把紫色看成红色。。 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    alan ciualan ciu3 天 前
  • Anyone knows the music?

  • So beautiful💜

    Olivia Puspita AkuntansiOlivia Puspita Akuntansi3 天 前
  • You give me peace girl 💞

    annie -MJJannie -MJJ3 天 前
  • Ty for doing this kinda content it’s very meditating 🧘‍♀️

    Jacki WarrenJacki Warren3 天 前
  • The end was it for me LOL love it I'm glad she left that part in the video the cow came out of nowhere

    Snow MaySnow May3 天 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🥰💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Rim RajpootRim Rajpoot3 天 前
  • Superb

    Rim RajpootRim Rajpoot3 天 前
  • BGMがいつも何度でもなのが素晴らしい

    babe rubabe ru3 天 前
  • Heh- I can now clear the grape purple stain from my dress

    PurpleisticPurpleistic3 天 前

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  • Hi i'm Indonesia 👋

    Syifa BloraSyifa Blora4 天 前
  • 如此完美的紫旗!我確實深深地愛上了你!💙

    Jerry BakerJerry Baker4 天 前
  • Very creative girl u r.just Awesome. From Bangladesh.

    Taslima AkterTaslima Akter4 天 前
  • So beautiful✨

    Maria BautistaMaria Bautista4 天 前
  • Kunuba axomiya i sai asa jodi like ata mari diya

    ramani thakiriyaramani thakiriya5 天 前
  • So hardworking and multi-talented. Beautiful ❤️

    S lreS lre5 天 前
  • at the end there was a cow shocked .. : D

    Rahma wani THRahma wani TH5 天 前
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Vein ChanzuVein Chanzu5 天 前
  • I thought the fabric will be made from grapes skin.it turned out to be the dyeing only.

    Karaz NajKaraz Naj5 天 前
  • Love you 😘❤️ from India 🇮🇳❤️

    Draw with RaazDraw with Raaz5 天 前
  • Please don’t be fooled - this isn’t a real person, this isn’t a real place. This is a media company making a feel-good story. You can tell because of the professional videography, high quality foley. You’ll notice how they gloss over anytime she has to do “real work”. It’s just 1-2 shots of her peeling grapes, to sell you a story. Someone who works on a farm all day under the harsh sun doesn’t have smooth hands and unblemished skin. And farms are specialized - you can’t grow roses and grapes and cotton in the same climate and temperature. And don’t even get me started on that house. Think of this as a TV show, because that’s what it is (girl sent to live with grandmother is a typical TV show plot from the 90s). There’s nothing wrong with a media company making this show, just don’t try to pass it off as a real person.

    What do you sayWhat do you say5 天 前
  • she look like a princess

    smitha anandhansmitha anandhan5 天 前
  • The last part was very funny.😅

    Merlyn TVMerlyn TV5 天 前
  • Beautiful

    Fatimah Is my nameFatimah Is my name5 天 前
  • What a talent

    Fatimah Is my nameFatimah Is my name5 天 前
  • Natural skincare routine please share with us

    Beautiful BaeBeautiful Bae5 天 前
    • @R C guess what? I’m Asian

      Beautiful BaeBeautiful Bae5 天 前
    • be asian :)

      R CR C5 天 前
  • She uses a sewing machine but in latest vedio she didn't

    Anand BansalAnand Bansal5 天 前

    Layan AshrafLayan Ashraf5 天 前
  • Hi your dress is very beauty ¡ what kind of cloht is it ?.I am from Chile Souht America .

    claudia diazclaudia diaz5 天 前
  • “how talented are you?” her: *yes*

    christy ღchristy ღ5 天 前
  • Idol🇵🇭

    iTSKobeiTSKobe5 天 前
  • Im so glad i found this channel. Its abt a woman who lives life to the fullest ,full of talent,creativity n love for both humans n nature.

    Charis ZarifaCharis Zarifa5 天 前

    {•PHOENIX• }{•PHOENIX• }6 天 前
  • I love your videos! Great end! 😊❤️

    MekarecitaMekarecita6 天 前
  • is she the one monetizing her videos? i think she has a team..

    Katnisse EverdeenKatnisse Everdeen6 天 前
  • She's one of my fav. She inspired me

    TOP 5TOP 56 天 前
  • you looking so pretty

    Ankit ShuklaAnkit Shukla6 天 前
  • I wanna be her😭

    cla Santiagocla Santiago6 天 前
  • Your first video on your channel❤️

    남동생Ira남동생Ira6 天 前
  • Wow

    tracisrtracisr6 天 前
  • There is something very special about making your own clothes. Your expertise and care that you put into the piece, from choosing the fabric, deciding what color it will be, picking a pattern and sewing it together, is so beautiful. My mother sewed my clothes until I moved away from home. This video reminded me of those times. You finished dress is lovely. Brought back many memories of when I would model the clothes for my mother. Thank you sharing your many talents. The peace and tranquillity that your videos bring to all who watch them is a greater gift than can be put into words. God bless.

    Jeannie FrenchJeannie French6 天 前
  • Where are my spirited away fans ?

    RandomXRandomX6 天 前
  • Omg the music 😭

    RandomXRandomX6 天 前
  • I don't want to say anything else . Just want to say ~ You're beautiful in every aspect I see

    Sumana DasSumana Das6 天 前
  • can we appreciate the fact that she didn't got a single drop of water on the clothes she was wearing .

    talkblack singertalkblack singer6 天 前
  • This is nice fiction. I like the colours and music, but it would be nice, if somewhere it was mentioned that in real life nobody would wear such a dress while dyeing and while walking to the pond. Also after washing the cloth you will have to iron it, otherwise it will have many wrinkles. And the amount of grape peels was very small for the amount of garment that was dyed. Also for being filmed on a farm, this place has far to little dust and dirt around.

    Helga IoannidisHelga Ioannidis6 天 前
  • Lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Twahira Rahman LaskarTwahira Rahman Laskar6 天 前
  • 那些点踩的都是台湾或者美国日本雇佣的人,鼓动的人而已!!这个视频应该没有人会点踩的🌝除非人是不正常的

    陈韫翰陈韫翰6 天 前
  • The life I wish

    Joefill BuccuanJoefill Buccuan7 天 前
  • I literally want to live with her 🥺 that place,food ,her,and her grandmother everything there is so amazing 😍

    Kartika NairKartika Nair7 天 前
  • 😅😅😅 I somehow knew she's going to use the grape skin as a dye, Yay! I like the ending part when she finally make some sound getting away from the cow 😂😂, she normally doesn't talk while filming.

    Janet ChungJanet Chung7 天 前
  • i now want to attempt dying something using grapes ! also she is so cute :D

    Natalie RiveraNatalie Rivera7 天 前
  • Actually I was fascinated by her skills and I was watching this video but at the end 😂😂😂😂😂 when the cow comes 😂😂😂😂the way she ran it's kind of cute

    DeekshanyaDeekshanya7 天 前
  • Misleading. The dress is NOT made of grape skin. Only coloured.

    AiBeeSpeaks SuSwasthyaAiBeeSpeaks SuSwasthya8 天 前
  • 🤭😂🥰 เก่งมากๆค่ะ​ ไม่รุ้จะสรรหา​คำพูดอะไรมาอวยนะคะ​ เพราะสมบูรณ์​แบบในทุกๆเรื่องเลยค่ะ​ ใครได้เป็นภรรยา​ ถือว่ายิ่งกว่าถูกรางวัล​แจ๊คพอตอีก​ สวย​ เก่ง​ แม่ศรี​เรือน​อีก​ งานช่างก็เป็น​ #​ท้ายคริปมีเสียงอุ๊ยโย่!!! น้องวัวเดินมา🤭😂

    Wanna KammuangWanna Kammuang8 天 前
  • Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

    Moses ExodusMoses Exodus8 天 前
  • Like, how does one do the chores with beautiful clothes and not be disturbed by all the flowy parts of the dress??

    Daryne HannahDaryne Hannah8 天 前
  • sou sua fã no Brasil

    jaqueline dos Santos Pereira santos.jaqueline dos Santos Pereira santos.8 天 前
  • lindaaaa

    jaqueline dos Santos Pereira santos.jaqueline dos Santos Pereira santos.8 天 前
  • What kind of experience was it? A tasty one.

    Taylor SandersTaylor Sanders8 天 前
  • Какое чудо эта девушка.

    Катрин ДКатрин Д8 天 前
  • When I look at her lifestyle I literally feel I'm stuck somewhere in the past where there were real life princesses like her! She's such a legend

    Sarmili PahariSarmili Pahari8 天 前
  • How can anyone be so talented😮 . Literally she can do everything 🙂🙂🙂 I'm literally amazed by her skills😊😊

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  • Any tamilans watching this ? Hit a like here .

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  • tvs metro 100 cc

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