Spring Festival dish|福气满满团圆菜,吉祥如意幸福年--年夜饭|Liziqi channel

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Liziqi channel--NYE dinner
The Spring Festival is really and truly coming.
Wish you a Happy New Year with “Laughter and Cheer”,
with “Fortune and Success”, “Prosperity in Full Bloom”
with “Health and Wealth”, and “All the Best My Dear”.
Counting my blessings and wishing you more.
Oh la la, those auspicious dish names get me out of breath!
新的一年祝大家诸事顺心 、阖家团圆、笑口常开 、金银满仓 、福气满满 、生财有道 、大吉大利、花好月圆、年年有余。
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  • Your video makes my day,i watch it every day and feels so happy i wish i could be you,you are so multi talented. My mom watches your videos too she always scolds me and says why don't you try to to be like her look how patient, hardworking,passionate and multitasking is she. You are such an inspiration for most of the girls you are a wonderful person a all in one package and we love you so much.❤ Love from India❤ Stay blessed and stay healthy❤

  • Your video makes my day,i watch it every day and feels so happy i wish i could be you,you are so multi talented. My mom watches your videos too she always scolds me and says why don't you try to to be like her look how patient, hardworking,passionate and multitasking is she. You are such an inspiration for most of the girls you are a wonderful person a all in one package and we love you so much.❤ Love from India❤ Stay blessed and stay healthy❤

  • Sometimes the captions are not on the screen to fully be able to read them

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  • Your plating of each dish is brilliant. You passion for cooking is true. Your video's are great. Thank you for sharing your life with us Liziqi.

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  • 看到这么多英文的评论,怎么那么少中文的评论。华人支持李子柒也顶起来!

    Songguo Talk App - 放心说心事!Songguo Talk App - 放心说心事!个月 前
    • 可能海外华人看到英文评论多,自己也会用英语留言,惯性的想让大家看明白

      EMH GallyYeungEMH GallyYeung个月 前
  • Ich liebe deine Videos und Hochachtung vor deine Arbeit (kochen und den Umgang mit deiner Oma). Sie ist eine bemerkenswerte Frau. :)

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  • The angpao cake was awesome. I wanna eat all of your food, except the pork ingredient :). Is this where you leave? Your foods were so authentic plating. You must be graduated from a culinary institute, I bet, and you are so young. Salute!

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  • 大陸人翻牆 就係犯法, 大陸人最鍾意犯法, 冇畀人捉到當自己冇 犯法!

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  • 01:41 this is why kid's you need to behave!....

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  • 子柒妹妹,做得菜不仅好吃,还这么好看,怎么这么能干?❤❤

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  • China has been invaded by immigrants for a long time, and it has been a long time since its occupation as a colonial country, especially Mongols, Manchus, Kitanes, Uighurs, and Koreans have lost their identity for a long time, so they insist that their culture is Chinese.

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    • When did Korean invaded China? All those culture (that inside China for longtime with history) together were all consider Chinese culture.

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  • Dear miss Li, We love you so very much because you are Lion hearted and not afraid to help other people who aren't as knowledgeable as you are about farm life and cooking .. Thanks for loving us enough to show us how it's done right .. We really love your video's and us guys love to see the soft side of you .. you are so pretty and very spunky .. Miss Li please forgive my freshness to you ..

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  • Me encanto

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  • 评论里有些韩国人真的有毛病,泡菜发源于中国,韩国不仅是文化盆地,还喜欢偷别人的,是偷国无疑了。

    jimityjimity2 个月 前
    • 他们还开设了一个类似李子柒的韩国饮食文化频道,还是韩国文化局注资的,中国需要更多李子柒打文化战了,多培养各方面的文化传播者

      EMH GallyYeungEMH GallyYeung个月 前
    • 是的,使用了中国的泡菜腌菜技术换个辣椒粉口味说是韩国泡菜就算了,居然还要把整个泡菜发源地抢了,说是源自他们的,如果他们不是无知,那脸皮就实在是太厚了

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  • Hii lijiqi

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  • 우리 한국의 진정한 역사는 개들의 역사입니다. 우리는 예전에 중국에서 개 였지만 이제는 미국에서 개입니다. 우리의 전통 의상은 중국의 명나라에 의해 음식과 옷을 포함하여 모두 버려졌습니다. 우리 정부는 중국 상하이에 세워져 있고 한국 헌법도 중국어로 쓰여져 있는데 왜 스승과 싸우는 거죠? 한국 역사는 참으로 수치 스럽지만 한국인은 무지하다고 생각하지 않습니다. 한국인들이 김치에 대한 사실을 이해하지 못한다는 것이 열등하다고 느낀다. 나는 진짜 역사를 읽었다. 책에서 우리는 열등함을 느낄 뿐이다. 적어도 중국에서는 강간범들이 사형을 선고받을 수있다. 미국은 감히 중국을 침략하지 않는다. . 중국 기업들은 미국의 탄압을 두려워하지 않습니다. 적어도 중국 정부와 경제는 중국 국민에 의해 관리되고 중국 공산당은 공산주의 체제입니다. 또한 인류의 가장 큰 이상입니다 하하하 저는 하늘에서 떨어져 인간과 곰의 십자가 인 단준을 믿지 않습니다. 국제적으로 인정받는 지즈 북한이라고 믿습니다. 1904 년 이전에는 한국인들은 항상 중국 장관을 조상으로 여겼습니다. , 제가 개인적으로 말한 것입니다. 고대 한국인이 쓴 책을 보면 역사가 바뀌는 이유는 낮은 자존감이 두렵기 때문입니다.하지만 한국의 미래를 믿고 살지 않기를 바랍니다. 중국의 역사를 믿지 않는다면 하버드에서 배울 수 있습니다. 도서관에서 답 찾기, 고대인의 역사 책에서도 답을 찾을 수 있습니다

    高中生陈也高中生陈也2 个月 前
    • 写得好,你应该附上英语版本在下面

      EMH GallyYeungEMH GallyYeung个月 前
  • I love your vlog.... You are all rounder

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  • 泡菜是韩国的

    ᄏ.ᄏ.2 个月 前
    • 韩国曾是中国的附属国

      EMH GallyYeungEMH GallyYeung个月 前
  • You are amazing!

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  • Whoever marries this woman must’ve saved the universe in their past lives.

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    • That must be Goku reincarnation, he saved multiverse!

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  • 泡菜是韩国传统食物。 不是你们判断的问题

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