月儿圆圆,稻米飘香,正逢农家收谷忙Full Moon, Fragrance of Ripe Rice, Farmers Busy Harvesting Crops | Liziqi Channel

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育秧 打田 插秧 生长 抽穗 扬花 灌浆
再到成熟 收获至端上饭桌,
Sow one grain of rice in spring, and gather in many in autumn.
Raise the seedlings, plough the fields, transplant the seedlings,
And then go through the growing, earring, flowering and filling stages,
until the grain is reaped, processed and ready to be served.
Know where your food comes from
and feel grateful for the farmers.
Enjoy your meal and waste no food.

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  • Hats off to the cameraman who shows to the world how amazing Liziqi is.

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  • I am obsessed and impressed with your video’s Liziqi .... your smart, pretty, intelligent and everything you do is done with creativity, class and style, your mind is methodical and very mathematical. I love how you work hard, and always looking for something new to show us, your video’s are like drama scenes from a movie and the colors are beautiful. I love how you feed and look after your family it’s beautiful. I hope you spoil and look after yourself too, because you deserve it. Please give us more, your video’s take away my anxieties. And your home is enchanting and cozy with your land you farm on. I love that you grow everything and can cook and make stuff from your farmland and animals. 🥰👍🏾🌞🌾🍄

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  • Me encanta cuando está con subtítulos en español porque no pierdo un solo instante de la enseñanza al mundo que hace esta chica maravillosa. Salud a todos y a la abuela besos a los animalitos desde Venezuela mucho exitos

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  • Me encanta cuando está con subtítulos en español porque no pierdo un solo instante de la enseñanza al mundo que hace esta chica maravillosa. Salud a todos y a la abuela besos a los animalitos desde Venezuela mucho exitos

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  • Hello from Korea! we store the browned rice on the bottom of pot too. what you call Guoba in the video, here we call it Nurungji. 누룽지. we store it and then boil to make porridge. it makes good breakfast 😊

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  • 大米已经在我们的国家多米尼加共和国停止种植,因为它需要很长的收获时间,但它却是极好的食用米。

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  • Gracias por compartir el ciclo del arroz, me gusta la vida del campo, el guisado se mira rico, 😋 gracias por poner los subtítulos en español, porque así se las especias que ocupa para cocinar, trataré de conseguir los ingredientes acá en México y hacer la receta. Saludos