The life of tomato~番茄………的一生?

2020年07月 9日
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I stayed at home during the spring festival due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
So bored that I repaired the fence of the long-abandoned pond,
Filled it in to plant flowers and vegetables.
From a desolate pool to a vibrant garden,
It takes no more than half a year.
Miracles of Life and Nature never fail to surprise us.
The flowers bloomed, the fruits ripened, and the tomatoes are now red.
Tomato hot pot! Here we go!
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  • Wow i v v v v v inspired from Pakistan

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  • Kimchi is Korea's traditional food Hanbok is Korea's traditional costume Gat is a traditional Korean hat King Sejong, Yuna Kim, Heungmin Son is KOREAN, NOT chinese ONLY the chinese WU-HAN CORONA VIRUS is the original of china

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  • 👍 hey Yer, "Acknowledge the Corn". Ain't gotta be EASY to live in the country side! Yer have to be "Above Snakes!"

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  • it s very beautiful i have a question where does she found the energy to do that? why is she motivated?? what is her philosophy...? is she an utopist? why does she do all these things??

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