(笔墨纸砚)scholars four treasures- an Epitome of Thousands Years of Chinese Culture|Liziqi Channel

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Liziqi Channel--scholars four treasures
Calligraphy brushes, ink, paper, and inksticks - these are called ‘scholars four treasures’ in China.
Alongside the decline in needs for handwriting,
These products of traditional Chinese culture are drifting further and further away from us.
Not everyone needs to be skilled at these crafts,
I only wish they would be known and remembered by many of us.
붓먹종이벼루, 중국의 문방사보!
필기시대가 좀좀 가라앉으면서
이런 중국 전통문화로 대표하는 수공예가 우리에게 갈수록 멀어집니다.
이것은 여러분이 다 할 수 있지 않겠도
대부분이 아직도 이해하고 기억하면 좋겠습니다!
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